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natural swimming pool training
We offer training for both individuals and groups.

natural swimming pool training
Join our discussion covering all aspects of pool building and maintenance.

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Natural ponds can suffer from algae. We have found this product that helps.

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If you are after liners
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Building your own Natural Swimming Pond

A natural swimming pool or natural swimming pond is not a cheap item but one way to keep the cost under control is to self manage the project and do as much work yourself as is practically possible. That’s not to say you are taking on an easy task, it isn’t. This is rather more involved than building in a new wardrobe or laying a patio, but if you are the type of person who has a practical attitude and don’t mind getting stuck in, then there is no reason why, with the backing of a company such as Mountain Pools you should not be successful.

Many individuals and couples have already taken the plunge and are now enjoying the harmony and contentment that a natural swimming pool can bring - and on those sunny days... We have developed our business to support the customer who prefers the DIY and selfbuild route. Just because you are not employing proffesional doesn’t mean you have to compromise, and you can have a natural swimming pond that suits your lifestyle and pocket. Your first job is to find out exactly what’s involved.


Knowledge is key to everything we do, and building a natural swimming pool is no exception. You may have a good knowledge of DIY or selfbuild which will stand you in good stead but this is one of the larger undertakings you may ever commit to - don’t do it without back-up.

Your first port of call should be to enrol on a Mountain Pools training day. These are tailored to suit individual requirements. We do not supply kits of parts unless the individual can demonstrate their understanding of the tasks involved, you have too much to lose not to get it right!

training days cover both theoretical and practical information. An average day would cover:
An introduction to the concepts of natural swimming pools / natural swimming ponds.
Water quality issues - making sure it’s safe.
Site survey, Design, construction techniques and component selection.
Creating biological filters and plant selection.
Visiting our demonstration natural swimming pond with discussion of techniques used with emphasis on potential problem areas.
Practical demonstration on control and monitoring of a natural swimming pool.
Discussion regarding maintenance issues.

Naturally there’s plenty of time for questions and discussion of particular points or ideas you may wish to raise. Most people leave the training day with their heads bursting with ideas. The next stage is to carry out a full site survey. You will have received a form within your information from the training day that covers the questions that must be answered before any work is carried out. Then it’s a matter of designing the natural swimming pool you desire. During all these stages, we are only a phone call away. When you only have once chance to get it right, you need someone to talk through unsure areas to clarify the mind.

Installation manual

Once you have formulated what you want, we can then begin the process of a making it work. We will size the components you need, we will finalise positions for installing pumps, valves, skimmers and pipe runs, calculate liner sizes, recommend planting schemes, and put it all together in an installation manual for your natural swimming pond.

Kit of parts

With the design finalised, we will order the parts required for your installation. All items that fit within your pump housing will be pre-cut and ready for installation. We will make sure you have the correct valve in the correct place, whether it’s to control a waterfall or simply to isolate the pump for maintenance. All you need to do is get the job done!

We will not suggest this is an easy undertaking, but with the correct knowledge and a programme to follow, you will complete your pond within a few months at a fraction of the cost of using a professional installer.

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natural swimming pool training